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At westside security systems Limerick we understand every home and business is different and every person has different priorities when it comes to securing their home and or business premises. With your suggestions and our Wire Free Intruder Alarm experience in the security industry, we will come up with the most effective security system for your individualneeds. This is a brief explanation of some of the main security device components available to aid in securing your home and business.

Wireless Systems

The wirefree systems are easy and quick to install, as there is very little cable required. The main advantage of this system is that detectors can be placed around the premises without having to cause any disruption to the building itself. The components of the wireless system are very similar to the hardwired system and work on exactly the same principles. The wireless components operate by sending a signal back to the control panel, which acts as a receiver. It then translates the radio signals in the same way as a hardwired panel would translate the signals from a multi-core cable.

Wire Free Radio Transmitters

Wire Free Radio Transmitters have to be powered by their own batteries. In order to conserve battery power, motion detectors operate a sleep period of approximately 3 minutes, each time they detect someone in their area. Batteries require regular replacement, which Monitor will advise you of.

Control Panel

We use the latest technology with the HKC Control Panel. This supports up to 70 wireless detector connections, 2 wireless repeaters and up to 32 users. Features:

With Secure Wave 2-way Wireless Technology With integrated Keypad, Internal Siren & Dialler

Can map 70 wireless detectors into system

1 wired zone (expandable to 10 Point ID devices)

2 Blocks + 1 Common Area

Hardwired SABB & Output

Up to 2 wireless repeaters

32 Users

Housing: Polycarbonate

Dialler with Modem/Voice/SMS capability

Integrated DSL filter on dialler

Integrated back-up battery

Integrated speaker with extensive voice library

Ability to convert zone descriptions to voice

Serial interface

USB (device)

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