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Intruder & Burglar Alarms Limerick

Intruder & Burglar Alarm Systems

Protection against intruders is simple. There are in fact two ways to detect an intruder; before and after actual entry. Perimeter detection signals an intruder's entry or attempt to enter, whilst interior detection signals unauthorized presence within a given protected area. Both forms of protection can be used together or separately, depending on the site to be protected and, or, the overall budget allocated for the installation. Perimeter protection applies to the "outline" of your home, shop factory, office within Limerick City and Limerick County.

Burglar Alarm Installation

The Burglar alarm / Intruder Alarm installer will place sensors that detect opening, vibration or the breaking of glass at these points. Interior protection is obtained through passive infra-red motion sensors that detect the heat of the human body, or, microwave motion sensors which analyze the movement of an intruder like radar. The slightest attempt to enter will trigger the intruder alarm system.

Intruder Alarm Latest Technology

You can be equipped with the latest technology in burglary protection. Some of the industry standard devices include devices to monitor doors, detect motion, and sense glass breakage. There are also available panic buttons for holdup alarms as well as other more "high-tech" devices. Our professionals will recommend the appropriate type of protection for each application . Why not fill in our Online Quotation Form .